Tivemos a visita da representante da UCI Extension.
Ela respondeu há algumas questões sobre os cursos de Business English e programas de Extensão.



1-What is the main difference between the Business English course offered by language schools to the one offered at UCI Extension?

2 – We have many students over 30 years old, with a solid professional experience, but with an intermediate English level and their company push them to achieve an advanced English level. How can the Business English contribute in order to fulfill this demand?

3 – Could you tell us a little bit about the ACP programs at UCI Extension? What is the profile of students who normally take the ACPs? ( Age group, what kind of industry do they work, which countries do they come from? )

4- Most of the professionals fear giving oral presentations, in particular when they have to deliver speeches to their directors. In which ways do your programs prepare them to gain confidence and improve their performance?
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